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Self collected high qulity colostrum of healthy Indian breed cows. These cows are not artificially immunized to increase the immunoglobulin percentage in the colostrum.
Shelf life is prolonged as it is irradiated
Highest amount of active ingredient like Non-casein protein (32%) which is much more than any other colostrum products available.
Efficient Pharmacological dosage form –each capsule contains 400mg colostrum powder which is more than other available products.
Use of HPMC as capsulation material which is from 100%veg source.
Strong clinical evidence proving excellent efficacy in wide range of diseases.(Data collected through clinical survey conducted at various Institutes & from renowned physiscians).


Cow Colostrum can be used in variet of diseases owingto its composition.It has properties to stimulate immune system and also contains hormones,growth factors and other bioactive components required for the body to combat with various diseases. It has been used for various respiratory tract infections,gastrointestinal disorders and rheumatid arthritis.

Colostrum upon contact with gastric acid inhibits and kills campylobacter,candida,E.coli clostridium, helicobacter,pylori,royavirus,salmonella,shigella and streptococcus.It is IBS, colitis,ulcers,chronic fatigue,diabetes,autoimmunc disease,arthritis,lupus and cancers,improves intestinal assimilation of nutrients,inhibits protein breakdown,shifts energy source from carbohydrate to fat ,spur glucose t ranport in muscles.It is now well established fact that ingestion of Colostrum promotes nutritional,functional and biological activities.In house trial of Pitambari's Gopiyush capsules was conducted which showed excellent efficacy in wide range of diseases.


Pregnancy: There are no proven side effects of colostrum powder in pregnancy,stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any component of bovine colostrum-containing products.

Aderse Effects: No significant adverse reaction noted at recommended therapeutic dosages.

Drug Interction: No significant drug interation has been noted whit other drugs.Pitambari Gopyush" –Immuself Capsules should not be taken digestive enzymes which may denature active peptides(PRP's etc.).


Proline-Rich Polypeptdes
Transferrin, Glycoproteins
InCytokines, Lactalbumin
Lysozymes, Enzymes


Amlno Acids
Essential Oils


Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-a1,IGF-2)
Transforming Growth Factor (TGF-a,tgf-B)
Epithelial Growth Factor
Epidermal Growth Factor
Fibroblast Growth Factor
Platelet Derived Growth Factor

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